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    Yu jiang luo xuan gang guan






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    導讀: 南寧市雨江鋼材有限公司 牽手雨江共創輝煌。雨江鋼材(南寧市)有限公司,...
    •  南寧市雨江鋼材有限公司

    •        牽手雨江共創輝煌。雨江鋼材(南寧市)有限公司,歷經十年的模爬滾打,在行業中銳意進取,日漸強盛。

    •        主要經營:螺旋鋼管、涂塑鋼管、不銹鋼-玻璃鋼復合管、薄壁不銹鋼螺旋管 、直縫焊管、無縫鋼管、鍍鋅及防腐鋼管加工,即:3PE防腐、保溫防腐、環氧煤瀝青防腐、IPN8710-2B型飲用水防腐。

    •       2017年我們與滄海兄弟廠商合作,創下年銷售額突破7000萬的佳績。我們今后依托市場杠桿與互聯網思維模式面向全國拓展延伸,以滿足更多客戶需求。

    •        我們選了廣西,河北,廣東,貴州,浙江,新疆幾家優質供貨廠商為共贏伙伴,在供貨速度,產品質量,按時結算誠實守信,假一罰十上做足功課,堅持以誠為本。

    •        同時,如有項目需求非型號定做、管道安裝而找不到施工隊的客戶,可以聯系周先生:136-9602-5222獲取技術支持、施工建議等。我們目前鋼管應用領域主要在市政工程、油田氣田、化學工業、電力工程、冶金礦山、自來水廠供水、污水廠引流、農業灌溉等。


    • Nanning City Yujiang Steel Co., Ltd.        Hand in hand, Yujiang can create brilliant future. Nanning City Yujiang Steel Co., Ltd., after 10-year experience, forges ahead in the industry and becomes increasingly strong.        Main business: spiral steel pipe, stainless steel - glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, thin-walled stainless steel spiral pipe, straight seam welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, galvanized lining plastic pipe and anti-corrosion steel pipe processing, namely: 3PE anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, corrosion, epoxy coal tar antisepsis, IPN8710-2B drinking water anti-corrosion.       Last year, we cooperated with brother manufacturers in Canghai, Guangxi Province, setting a record of more than 70 million sales in the next year. In the future, we will rely on the market leverage and Internet thinking model to extend to meet the needs of more customers.        We selected several high-quality suppliers in Guangxi, Hebei, Guangdong, Guizhou, Zhejiang, and Xinjiang as partners for win-win cooperation. We provide honesty and trustworthiness, high delivery speed, good product quality and on-time sepayment. We put sincerity and reputation in the first place to be considered.        At the same time, if there is a customer who want to have a customized model for the project needs and who cannot find the construction team for the installation of the pipeline, he can contact Mr. Zhou at 136-9602-5222 for technical support and construction suggestions. At present, we mainly product steel pipes in municipal engineering, oilfield gas fields, chemical industry, power engineering, metallurgy and mining, water supply in waterworks, sewage plant drainage, and agricultural irrigation.

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